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Pat Mathie and her experienced coaches welcome you to the home of Avonbourne Acrobatic Gymnastics Club.

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Established in 2003

We offer sessions to both Children and Adults to enjoy gymnastics, primarily in the discipline of acrobatics, but also tumbling.

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Catering for all abilities, from recreational level through to gymnasts competing in various competitions across the South West of England.

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COVID Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment Number:

Aug 2020

Date of Assessment:


Additional Information check sheet/risk assessments required.


Substances Hazardous to Health:

Manual Handling:     

Display Screen Equipment: 

New and Expectant Mothers:       

Young Persons:                                                                                     







Task / Work Activity / Work Area Assessed:


For Covid – Gymnastics sessions with Avonbourne Gymnastics Club

Assessment carried out by:


Pat Mathie

Worst Case Outcome Likelihood Risk Rating

(Outcome x Likelihood)

5 4 3 2 1 5 4 3 2 1 High Medium Low
Fatality Severe


Lost time




No Injury Certain Very likely Likely Unlikely Remote 13-25 5-12 1-4
Persons affected by the Activity Identified Hazards Control Measures Already in Place   Outcome Likelihood Risk Rating Further action required?



Staff. Gymnasts


Re-opening following shut down of indoor sport facilities.

1.       Facility deep cleaned before opening and ongoing.

2.       Apparatus cleaned prior to session

3.       Carpets to be cleaned weekly and plastic mats before each session.

4.       Reduce clutter

5.       Cleaning schedule for apparatus

6.       Have sanitising stations

7.       Have signs re hand washing, sneezing etc




















Do cleaning schedule





Staff and Gymnasts

Persons responsible for Covid-19 1.       Pat/ Karen/Leanne /Helen WO appointed to be responsible for Covid matters.

2.       Training prior to return for Coaches

3.       Lead on the dealing with suspected or confirmed cases and their return to training.

4.       Send details of how it will work to parents and refer to BG guides for Parents and Gymnasts. Pre warn so they know what to expect.


5 2 10  




Do training

Send rules etc to parents

Staff and Gymnasts Arriving on site 1.       All gymnasts and staff should adhere to government rules on social distancing when travelling to and from the training venue and should not come within the 2m social distancing range of anyone outside their household whilst travelling to and from training. Keep up to date with social distancing guidance at www.gov.uk

2.       Have reduced numbers in sessions in line with guidelines.

3.       Leave a gap between sessions for cross over and cleaning. Advise gymnasts and parents not to form clusters in car park.

4.       Gymnasts to arrive on time

5.       Coach to direct to entrance from car park on first day

6.       Use mats for gymnasts to wait to enter to maintain distance

7.       Gymnast to enter premises alone, no parents or observers will be allowed into the premises.

8.       Gymnasts to arrive in kit and bring only draw string bag with belongings and water(only)

9.       Tops can bring blocks

10.   Sanitise hands on arrival and departure and when moving stations

11.   Advise parents that any child feeling at all unwell should not attend















































1.       Email parents

2.       Take


b. sanitiser

c. mats

d. signs

3.  Coach to direct from car park on first day

Staff and Gymnasts Gymnasts/Coaches returning after isolation 1.       Asses each case prior to return, refer to WO

2.       Up to date Government guidelines must be followed at all times

3.       Check temperature in need













Staff and Gymnasts


The session

(Social Distancing and cleaning)

1.       Social distancing will continue to be the expectation and we should remind gymnasts continuously.

2.       Have reduced numbers in sessions as per guidelines. (Area in Sq m divide by 9.29)

3.       Ensure that there is no swapping between designated ‘small clusters’ or between ‘larger groups’ unless strictly required for realistic training. Any such swapping should be meticulously recorded. This is to reduce the risk of whole squad impact in the event of an gymnast contracting Covid19

4.        Good ventilation within training area

5.       Allow space for movement around gym.

6.       Gymnasts to leave drawstring bag on spot and take water with them to keep movement around to a minimum.

7.       Everyone to keep visits to toilet to minimum by going to the bathroom before coming to gym

8.       Coaches to maintain Social Distance from gymnasts at all times unless risk to child

9.       Initially the gymnasts will remain in own space, but eventually will move around in rotations. Rotate in a clockwise direction. Apparatus must be cleaned each rotation and gymnasts sanitise hands.

10.   Be aware of any gymnasts concerns or anxieties and be ready to listen.

11.   Make the session fun


























Keep groups the same



Inform parents what to expect


Keep reminding gymnasts







Staff and Gymnasts


Suspected case of Covid19


12.   Should a known or suspected Covid-19 case occur in the training environment or an individual be identified as a contact of a known case the individual/s in question should be placed in isolation and follow the PHE guidelines. One of the persons responsible for Covid-19 should be immediately informed if not involved with identifying and isolating the case at the training venue.

13.   Identify isolation area

14.   Contact parents immediately and recommend obtaining a test.

15.   Assess whether session should be cancelled and contact all parents to collect if needed.

16.   Be aware of any gymnasts concerns or anxieties and be ready to listen.


























Staff and Gymnasts


Clinically or Extremely Vulnerable gymnasts

1.       Gymnasts or staff deemed ‘clinically extremely vulnerable’ should continue to follow government advice.

2.       Clinically extremely vulnerable individuals or those continuing to live with anyone deemed clinically extremely vulnerable should not be engaged in the training environment in line with current government advice

















Only accept those back who are not vulnerable

Staff and Gymnasts Sneezing, Coughing 1.       Good hygiene practice in place

2.       Tissues on hand

3.       Hand sanitiser stations available

4.       Bins cleaned after each session

5.       Cough and sneeze into the crook of their elbow, use a separate bathroom if possible













Keep reminding, use posters and supply tissues

Staff and Gymnasts Hygiene 1.       Hand sanitising stations and clean on entry and exit. We will use our own sanitiser.

2.       Display poster re 20 sec hand washing and other BG posters

Good display of signs
Staff and Gymnasts Housekeeping 1.       Focused cleaning program for high frequency touch points. All equipment cleaned before sessions and after each rotation. Coaches to clean hands after cleaning and wear gloves if required. (see Cleaning RA)

2.       Gymnasts to clean hands after rotations and on entry and exit.

3.       Cleaning schedule kept up to date

4.       School and Centre to clean waste bins daily

5.       carpets to be sprayed weekly.

6.       Sanitise hands after cleaning

















Staff and Gymnasts


Emergency Evacuation

Littledown – In the event of an emergency evacuation we will be instructed by the Centre Staff to first of all gather at the fire exit. CIC will collect the register. We will pick up our bags and maintain social distance if safe to do so. On code red we will be instructed to move outside. Gymnasts must stay with coaches and follow Centre staffs instructions. Anyone at the toilet will be accompanied so will follow Centre staff instructions.

2Riversmeet – on hearing the fire alarm (which is a voice recorded message saying this is an emergency) we will gather all gymnasts at the closest fire exit and await for staff instruction to leave the building. If this happens  we will meet socially distanced by the disabled car parking bays in the main car park.

Twynham, Avonbourne and Malmesbury Park – On hearing an alarm CIC will collect the register and we will pick up our bags and move to fire exits maintaining social distancing if safe to do so. Anyone at the toilet will be accompanied so will make their way back immediately. We will then make our way to the evacuation point and the register will be checked.

























Staff and Gymnasts


First Aid


1.       First Aiders to familiarise themselves with Covid symptons

2.       First Aid to be provided by the Littledown and 2RM or our own qualified first aiders although as much as possible will actually be done by the casualty themselves under direction of the first aider on site.

3.       First Aiders will maintain social distancing unless absolutely necessary and will wear mask and gloves if unable to distance.















Take PPE into session

Staff and Gymnasts Leaving the Gym 1.       Sanitise on exit

2.       Release to parents in small groups

3.       Follow cleaning regime before staff leave

4.       Speak to Parents only if absolutely necessary. Otherwise ask them to contact you later