WelcomeEstablished in 2003A COMMUNITY CLUB


Pat Mathie and her experienced coaches welcome you to the home of Avonbourne Acrobatic Gymnastics Club.

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Established in 2003

We offer sessions to both Children and Adults to enjoy gymnastics, primarily in the discipline of acrobatics, but also tumbling.

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Catering for all abilities, from recreational level through to gymnasts competing in various competitions across the South West of England.

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  1. Please do not come to gymnastics if you are feeling at all unwell.
  2. Remember to go to the toilet and wash your hands before coming to Gym. We should then be able to keep toilet visits to a minimum.
  3. Come directly to the Gym from the car park; avoid meeting your friends in clusters.
  4. There will be no changing room so come to Gym in your kit and bring the minimum of things with you in a drawstring bag. Your Avonbourne Gym Club bag would be ideal and we have some bags for purchase at £5 if you need one. Please ensure your bag has your name on. A Coach will advise you where to place your bag in the gym.
  5. Bring only water in your drinks bottle.
  6. Bring blocks if you have them.
  7. Wait at the entry remembering to social distance, there will be floor markers to remind you. Entry at Littledown will be via the Main Hall fire exits, with one for entry and one for exit. These doors are at the back of the building. Entry at Avonbourne will be through the left hand fire exit from the Car Park and exit will be through the fire escape into the basketball court. On the first day there will be someone in the car park to guide you.
  8. On entry you will sanitise your hands. You will then be allocated a space to start your session. Take your bag and sit down in your space and await the starting of the session
  9. Unfortunately, the Government guidelines only allow us a certain number of gymnasts in our session, so until things change, your Parents will not be allowed to enter the gym
  10. Please remember to socially distance, sorry but for the time being there will be no hugging your friends. One day you will be able to make up for it. Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Spatial awareness is a big part of gymnastics so practice is good!
  11. You are free to sanitise your hands at any time in the session.
  12. Talk to your coaches if you have any concerns or are anxious about something.
  13. If, during the session you feel ill, please do tell the coaches.



  1. Please talk through the points above with your child. The gymnasts are probably not sure what to expect when they return so preparation will be key. Initially our classes will be smaller and there may not be much movement around for the first week, however things will change in the coming weeks as we adapt to the new rules.
  2. Please arrive on time as it may be difficult to join the class once we have allocated spaces.
  3. We have always liked having an open house with parents being able to watch the sessions, however, now that we are only allowed a certain number of people in the gym we regret that there will be no viewing of sessions.
  4. Please be assured that we are doing everything we can to keep your child safe with us. The gymnasts will work in small bubble groups to keep the risk of infection as minimal as possible.
  5. We will not be taking the Gymnasts temperatures but we will have a thermometer on hand if needed.
  6. We will be having a more intense cleaning regime going forward, so initially our sessions will have to be reduced by 10 minutes to accommodate this. This time gap will also allow for change over of sessions to be less busy.